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We have been designing, producing and selling quadracycles throughout Canada and the United States since 1985. We have had the same ownership since the beginning.

We were the first Canadian manufacturer of quadracycles and one of the first manufacturers in North America. Our experience in quadracycle development is second to none.

Through the years, many quadracycle companies have come and gone. Many of these companies have attempted to copy our designs, but without success.

Our quadracycle was designed by a team of qualified engineers and not a back yard mechanic.

Our company is in the process of expanding its product line. Please watch for details.

If we can be of any assitance in regards to a custom order, tailored to your specific needs or if you need any type of prototyping done, please feel free to contact us.

Our engineers designed the Little Deuce Coupe with the following criteria in mind:

  • Ease of pedaling:
    • Light weight
    • Recumbent design
    • Multi-gear hubs available
    • Independent pedaling
  • Comfort:
    • Adjustable molded seats designed especially for quadracycles. Do not settle for other quadracycles which use a chair seat
    • Padded seat covers
    • Padded steering wheel
  • Convenience:
    • Shopping basket
    • Stores upright, not taking much space
    • Parking brake
    • Youth seat
    • Shipped assembled
  • Quality:
    • Shipped assembled in wooden crate to ensure quality
    • Durable 1-piece frame

When you purchase a car, you do not consider bolting two motorcycles together, side-by-side. Do not settle for purchasing two bicycles and bolting them together, side-by-side. Avoid bolt-together, high-maintenance products. Our quadracycle was designed solely as a 4-wheeled pedal vehicle.

Our mission is simply customer satisfaction. We at Quadracycle International are confident that every Little Deuce Coupe quadracycle that leaves our factory will give its owners many years of enjoyment. Contact us today.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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