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The Little Deuce Coupe is a unique 4-wheeled pedal vehicle (quadracycle) which can be used by one, two or three people. This includes two adult seats and one youth seat.

I hope you find our web site to be informative.

The Little Deuce Coupe quadracycle is a very unique, high quality recreational and leisure product that carries a very attractive price tag, making it affordable for most.

Quadracycles have many advantages over traditional vehicles - bicycles, tandems, adult tricycles and golf carts. It's uses are limited only by one's imagination. Uses range from enjoying the outdoors at home, cottage or at the resort, to assisting those with special needs. The Little Deuce Coupe also has many commercial applications as well - assisting with recreation, special education and rehabilitation programs, tourist attractions, advertising vehicle, taxi, parades, multipurpose utility vehicle and golf cart.

Our quadracycle has very comfortable seats and is very easy to use.

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